Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Families, and Students,

As we prepare for the 2017 - 2018 school year, to "ensure that all of our students will be ready for the next stage of their education and ultimately, for college, a career, and a future as a productive adult." This framework will shape our work together this upcoming year, and help us meet our mission to create a school community where all members accept responsibility for the learning, academic achievement, and social and cultural development of all students.

During the 2016 – 2017 school year, City Polytechnic High School had many successes:

  • 7 students completed our program with an Associate’s Degree.
  • A record number of our students, including our special educations students, met the proficiency score in English Language Arts.
  • A record number of students participated in industry-based internships.
  • The National Academy Foundation (NAF) named us a “Distinguished Academy” for the third year in a row.
  • 48 students completed all high school requirements in 3 years and will transition to full-time City Poly-City Tech college students this Fall.
  • City Poly was recognized as a “Reward School” in 2015-16 by the NY State Education Department.

In the 2015-16 school year, the New York State Education Department awarded City Polytechnic High School the Pathways in Technology (P-Tech) Grant. This is the second year since we joined the group of NYC P-Tech schools and P-Tech schools nationally and internationally.

"NYC P-TECH schools redefine traditional school experiences by providing a seamless pathway for students to graduate with a high school diploma, an Associate’s degree, and workplace qualifications, and helping them leap to a future of career and higher education."

City Polytechnic High School’s transition to the P-Tech model will allow us to continue our status as a Career and Technical Education school. Our Early College partnerships with CUNY's College of Technology (City Tech) and the Early College Initiative (ECI) continue to grow, and we will expand our numerous partnerships to include CH2M, the Building Trades Employers' Association of New York (BTEA) and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Now that we have officially transitioned to a 9-14, 6-year school, we will now be able to meet students where they are academically, and offer 6 years to complete high school requirements and college credits leading up to an Associate’s Degree at no-financial cost to families.
We have a great opportunity to continue to impact the lives of students and families, and I am excited to work with you to ensure that each City Poly student is college ready, career ready, and prepared to serve their communities.


Judie Hartmann-Cherenfant