Early College Scholarship Program

Early College Scholarship Program


The Early College Initiative at City Poly is a program that starts with the promotion of a college-going culture from the very first year of attendance. Students are gradually introduced to credit bearing college courses taught at City Poly and/or on the City Tech campus as part-time students as soon as they meet academic and personal behavior requirements.

Provided students continue to meet eligibility criteria, upon completing their senior-year of high school, students may enroll full-time in credit bearing college courses at City Tech during Years 5 and 6. At the end of Year 6, students who have completed their courses successfully will graduate with a high school diploma and up to (or more than) 60 tuition-free college credits.

Areas of Study
Students will have an opportunity to choose from one of the following three majors: Architectural Technology, Construction Management Technology or Civil Engineering Technology. Students who express interest in other majors are encouraged to seek college counseling through the early college liaison and guidance team, and if necessary, pursue an associate degree and/or bachelor’s degree in the major of their choice outside of the Early College Scholarship Program.

Eligibility & Requirements
Each year, more than 100 City Poly high school scholars attend CUNY City College of Technology as part-time and full-time college students on full tuition and grants. To take full advantage of this scholarship program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Demonstrated interest: Applicants must clearly establish their interest and commitment to pursue the academic pathways in Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering or Construction Management.
  • Strong character: Applicants must be outstanding in character, integrity and leadership, and be nominated by a teacher. Students must take part in Work Based Learning experience and/or Academic & Personal Behavior Support Class at the end of every semester.
  • Strong math and literacy record: In addition to meeting English Regents proficiency (75+) and math Regents proficiency (70+), students must meet and maintain the City Poly academic benchmarks outlined in the Class of 2014 City Poly Roadmap to City Tech in order to be eligible to register for credit bearing college courses.
  • Thriving academics: Applicants must have completed their junior year of high school with above a 75 cumulative GPA (equivalent to a 2.0 GPA or a letter grade of C) in their academic courses and have taken the P/SAT.

Continued Eligibility

Continuing students (students who have completed 12 college credits or higher) must also maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 (A letter grade of C) in all college and high school courses in order to remain eligible. Participation in this program will be reviewed each semester to ensure that students continue to meet benchmarks. Failure to maintain eligibility may interrupt participation for at least one semester.

Costs & Benefits
All City Poly students have the opportunity to begin college earlier than their peers in other NYC public schools. All courses are tuition-free with no use of financial aid. City Poly students have access to participate in four semesters of full-time eligibility, after completing their fourth year of high school successfully. In the four semesters at City Tech*, students can earn up to 60 (or more) college credits toward their associate’s and/or bachelor’s degree.

By remaining eligible for this opportunity, students save their Financial Aid eligibility, which will allow them more flexibility for their bachelor’s degree [New York State residents attending college in New York, who are eligible for financial aid, normally receive 12 semesters of federal PELL Grant and 8 semesters of TAP].

***Students who chose to leave City Poly after their senior year consequently opt out of the Early College Scholarship program, and are not eligible for the free tuition and books through our program. Similarly, for students who are discharged from the program at any point before the 4 full-time semesters are completed, either by choice or by academic dismissal, they are no longer eligible for our scholarship program.