City Polytechnic High School Of Engineering, Architecture, And Technology

Welcome To City Polytechnic High School!

Mission, Vision, and Values

City Polytechnic High School is committed to a school community where each member accepts responsibility for the learning, academic achievement, and social and cultural development of all students.
The City Polytechnic High School community will meet its mission by building our capacity to work collaboratively as a Professional Learning Community. We envision a school community in which:
  • Each teacher, parent, and student understands the knowledge, skills, and behaviors students are expected to acquire in each course, grade level, and unit of instruction.
  • The learning of each student is monitored on a timely basis.
  • Strategies for improving student achievement according to individual student needs (and identified groupings) are implemented on a continuing basis.
  • Adults demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and the social-emotional and cultural development of each student.
  • Each City Poly student has the opportunity to graduate in 6 years with a CTE endorsed high school regents diploma and associate’s degree.
  • Each City Poly student is college and career ready, and also prepared to serve and improve their communities.
Core Values